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From Start to Beautiful Finish


Our opinion is that great design comes through a detailed first meeting and a collaborative design approach.

Everybody's style and homes differ, and many do not know how to turn their needs and visual preferences into a working design. Over the years, we have learnt how to tease out the information we need to create the perfect home.

This is why the first step is to meet the client and create the brief together. We usually meet at the project address, this is the best way to truly visualise and understand the space plus take our own measurements.

This meeting usually takes a couple of hours and during that time, we get an understanding of how you will be using the space, your aesthetic preferences and budget.

Our designers also receive regular training by appliance manufacturers so, after listening to your brief, they will be able to suggest the best appliances to suit your needs, design and budget.

After the meeting, where possible we would invite you to view other recently completed projects and at this point we'll work out your estimate.


Once you are happy with the estimate and brief we move on to prepare design drawings of the new cabinetry and adjoining spaces. At this point we can also show some layout options.

We usually present these initial ideas in the home, to provide context, and help clients to better visualize our proposals. Once approved and signed off we will ask for a deposit, the next design stage is extremely in depth and time consuming.

Once the layout and basic kitchen style has taken shape, we can introduce other elements to the drawings; colour, texture, materials, finishes and lighting to any number of surfaces; cabinets, worktops, floors, walls, splashbacks, accessories, and other furniture. Until finally the design is brought to life.

From here the production designer creates detailed manufacturing drawings and our workshop produces your samples. Once you are happy, you sign them off and we move on to production.


The manufacturing drawings are then sent to our workshop, where a highly skilled team of cabinet makers create the bespoke units and other necessary components of the project.

In the mean time our on-site team may be working at the home preparing the area or completing the room/house renovations.

In advance of the installation we come and check that the site is ready and once satisfied we will issue a pre installation invoice.

The Installation team work with tremendous attention to detail to complete the project with minimal stress and on time.

At handover we visit and together go over the work with a fine tooth comb to create a detailed snagging list. Once every defect is rectified final payment is made.

It doesn't end here, after about 6 months we'll come back (free of charge) to check that everything is working the way it should.